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Product:CVC / central venous cathetersModel:

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  • OEM 中心静脉导管 单腔中心静脉导管 800s.jpg


    CVC / central venous catheters  have one to four separate lumens that are sized to perform their individual functions.


    Perfect radopaque effects: The catheters are radiopaque to help confirm catheter tip location in the patient by chest X-ray.


    Medical Grade Polyurethane(TPU): is high degree of biocompatibility, makes up the body of the catheters. To reduce the chance for vessel trauma, and have a special soft-tip which is more pliant than the rest of the catheter.


    Central venous catheter belongs to one kind of endovascular tube, placed in the main line,so it can implantation in the human body for 30 days.




    1. Continuous and intermittent intravenous infusion

    2. Blood transfusions and blood products.

    3. Collect blood specimen.

    4. Blood dialysis / sampling

    5.CVP (central venous pressure) monitoring; through a standard luer to connect the catheter with a CVP device for central venous pressure monitoring;




  • Specification: single lumen/ double lumen/ triple lumen/ quattro lumen:

    single lumen: 14G/16G/18G/20G

    double lumen: 4Fr/5Fr/6Fr/7Fr/8Fr/8.5Fr/11.5Fr/12Fr

    Triple lumen: 5.5Fr/7Fr/8.5Fr

    four lumen: 8.5Fr


    The length will be according to customer's requirement.