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    single lumen feeding tubing / stomach tubing or called nasogastric tube with single / double / triple lumen


    A feeding tube is used to deliver food, nutrients, medication, or other material into the stomach, or drain undesirable contents from the stomach, or decompress the stomach. It is inserted through patient's mouth or nose.


    1. Material :   medical grade Polyurethane (TPU)

    2. Specification:   4 F- and 20F (children and adults)

    3. Performance :   Moderate hardness with great tensile strength

                                   Good radiopaque effects (3-5 radiopaque lines) 

                                   Clear printing scales and exact punching holes

    4.OEM Services:   We can provide the products according to your requirement. (Sample or drawing is ok)


  • Specification: Fr8 /Fr10 /Fr12/ Fr14 /Fr16/ Fr18 /Fr20

    Material: TPU/PVC

    Colors:  with customer's request (colors on radiopaque line)